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Lives and Livelihood: An Exit Strategy from Lockdown for India

India has been one of the countries to start a nationwide lockdown at a very early stage of the spread of COVID - 19 in the country. Today, on 14th April 2020, the Prime Minister extended it by two weeks up to 3rd May 2020. However, we cannot continue to be in lockdown for too long. The economic consequences of this is humongous. We need to find a way to ease the lockdown gradually. We will have to find a way to save lives and livelihoods. Alongwith Soma Dey (Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi) and Shweta Jain (Shiv Nadar University), I have created a proposal that can open up the economy to a large extent. The report can be downloaded here. An executive summary can be found here. Report in the New Indian Express (edexlive). #crisis #india #economy #covid #health #lockdown #wfh #nightlight

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