Lives and Livelihood: An Exit Strategy from Lockdown for India


Latest: Evolution of the distribution of plant level productivity. This paper studies the evolution of the distribution of plant level productivity in Indian manufacturing units. While there are several papers that look at how the mean or the standard deviation of productivity has changed over time, we study how the whole distribution has changed over time.  We find that significantly large number of entries and exits happen at the middle of the distribution. Moreover, there is no significant difference in productivity of plants that enter or exit or continue operations. This is contrary to standard theory. 

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Latest: Lives and Livelihood: An Exit Strategy from Lockdown for India. India has been one of the countries to start a nationwide lockdown at a very early stage of the spread of COVID - 19. It is still in place till 17th May. However, we cannot continue to be in lockdown for too long. The economic consequences of this is disastrous. We need to find a way to ease the lockdown gradually. We will have to find a way to save lives and livelihoods. Alongwith Soma Dey (FMS, University of Delhi) and Shweta Jain (SNU), I have created a proposal that can open up the economy to a large extent.

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COVID - 19 has dramatically changed our lives, it has shaken the very assumptions we took for granted in our daily lives, and in our intellectual endeavours. It has forced large section of the global population to be sequestered. Yet, in a strange way it has brought us all together through our shared anxiety, resolve and care. In this series spread over May, 2020 I invited experts from a variety of fields across countries to share their views and discuss the impact of COVID - 19 and the way forward.

Details and recordings of these sessions are available here.

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