Latest: Evolution of the distribution of plant level productivity

This paper studies the evolution of the distribution of plant level productivity in Indian manufacturing units.

Lives and Livelihoods: An Exit Strategy from Lockdown For India (with Soma Dey and Shweta Jain), 30 May, 2020. EPW Special Article Vol. 55, Issue No. 22.

A road map for balancing lives and livelihoods during COVID - 19: has been drawn up in this paper.

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Latest: Question of Existence: Liquidity, Solvency and Policy response for MSMEs


The government’s Rs 3 lakh crore injection as liquidity was expected to help MSME’s float through the COVID-19 impact, but the sector faces a quintessential question of solvency, which will determine whether they want to remain in business or not.


Read more at Economic Times

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Changing Landscape of Higher Education in India and Abroad

The whole world is grappling with change. Higher education is no exception. There are several changes afoot, some of which were happening even before the pandemic, yet in many ways the pandemic has forced us to think and reshape a lot of things.

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